Design and Architecture

A young architect turned a public toilet into a cozy nest. The result can be envied

Starting the implementation of the next creative idea, the craftswomen first of all put into work all the resources at hand. However, the heroine of our history uses as a starting material for her project ... a public toilet. What came of it? Now you will see everything with your own eyes.

The name of the young architect is Laura Clark from London. Drawing attention to the abandoned public toilet, she set about creating a modern and quite comfortable apartment in its place. Admit it, few people will come up with a similar idea. However, a brave and resourceful Laura saw a huge potential for creativity at the site of the destroyed booths!

It took several years to obtain permits from the city administration to use underground facilities, but as soon as the cherished documents were ready, the girl immediately got down to business. Very soon, the world saw the result of her work.

The total area of ​​the apartment designed by Laura Clark is 55.74 sq m, but the interior is surprisingly cozy and bright. There was a place even for a small courtyard!

How it all looked at the beginning

The entrance was littered with garbage and served as a haven for all kinds of beetles and rats.

The ceiling and walls were not in the best condition. It is difficult to see the potential in such a place, but the glass ceiling was the best part of the ruins, letting in bright daylight.

It is hard to believe that from all this litter it was possible to create something, even remotely poetic and comfortable. However, the end result exceeds all expectations. Are you ready to see it?


So much has changed here! Instead of a deaf partition - carved metal door. The walls are painted white.

Living room

The living room is spacious and light. Spacious old-fashioned wardrobe along the wall eclectically complement modern light fixtures and a large TV in this composition.


How wonderful to have a skylight in the kitchen! Through it comes the sunlight in the morning, perfectly illuminating the workspace. For a small dvushki kitchen is quite suitable.


The size of the bedroom is small, but it has enough space for a full-sized bed and a spacious wardrobe.


This is clear at first glance: in these walls you can relax in a warm foam bath!


Greens and tulips in a large flowerpot, a wall framed with blue glazed ceramics - here it is quite comfortable to look at your morning newspaper for an espresso cup. Like in the best houses of London!