Confectionary life hacking that turns biscuit roll into a masterpiece

For lovers of home baking, or rather biscuit rolls, this life hack is definitely useful. Just look at what has become a regular biscuit roll, and imagine that after 5 minutes you can successfully do the same. Drawing if you wish, you can do any. Nobody will interfere with adding labels.

The secret of the appearance of the pattern on the biscuit

As in any biscuit roll cream here is inside. The drawing is nothing else but a part of dyed with food dyes and cocoa dough for biscuit cake. If your dough recipe is missing, you can use the universal: 3 eggs, beat with 150 g of sugar to obtain a foam, and then add 100 g of sifted flour.

To begin with we lay a sheet of parchment and lubricate it with oil. Having filled a pastry bag or a syringe with color dough, we create our own drawing. From one of the edges we indent. In fact, the picture will be shifted relative to the center.

Carefully fill the gaps with the usual dough.

We cover with a thin layer of dough the whole picture.

Pour the bulk on the baking sheet, starting pouring from the side where the figure is missing. Carefully level the dough and ship to the preheated 180-200 C oven for 15-20 minutes. A sign of readiness of the cake will be a change of color to golden and a dry toothpick.

Carefully remove the parchment from the finished cake.

Without letting the cake cool, cut it.

It is time to build a roll. We take a deep long tray and cover it with parchment.

Put the cake in the tray patterned down, make a cream layer, supplement the filling and close the previously cut piece of cake. It remains to let the roll harden, and then turn it over, take it out of the mold and serve it to the table.

Collect the roll can be different: just twisting in the usual way. Start twisting in this case should be from the edge where the drawing is missing. Filling biscuit roll stuffing, you can improvise endlessly. It should be noted that excessively liquid cream for such baking is not suitable.