For the House and Cottages

Practical and non-standard ideas for using PVC pipes

PVC plastic pipes can be used not only during repairs. They make amazingly useful and practical things for home and garden. It remains only to be surprised by the imagination and fantasy of craftsmen and craftswomen! We suggest you look at practical and non-standard ideas of using PVC and note those you like:

Original garden arch

Hair dryer stand

Chair frame

Parking space for bicycles

Homemade device for making homemade sausage

Suspended pots for flowers / greens / berries

Designer furniture

Homemade sled

Great summer shower

Economical chandelier

Convenient inbox

Dryer for the street

Bird feeders

Original shelves for shoes

Alcohol storage

Stands in the kitchen

Practical cell

Bed restraint

Doorway unit

Awning for the pool

Hose holder