Amazing ways to use old jeans for home decor

Jeans fail more often than we would like. If you have a couple of old couples on the mezzanine, here are a few reasons to get them to rework. Some ideas are so good that you want to go for the next pair to the nearest second-hand!

Flower Pot Cover

A great way to hide an old, slightly worn pot. Sew a cover with threads, or fasten the ends with hot glue.

Upholstery for an old chair

You will have to unzip the chair to use parts of the old upholstery as a pattern.

Hot Stand

Use material around the seams. It is better to join the spiral with the help of threads - the hot melt glue will melt during operation.

Woven denim

Use a homemade loom that will ease the weaving process.

Chevron Pillow

This technique will allow the use of the smallest trimming of denim.

Another option cups stand

Weave the individual elements and fasten the machine seam around the edges.

Bowl for small things

Rip the fabric with your hands to achieve thinner edges. Stick the scraps on the bowl with the help of PVA and wait until it is completely dry.

Cozy ottoman

Sew the frame from different color parts. As a filler, use sintepon or old clothes.

Denim Honeycomb Cushion

Use a stencil to carve out individual parts. Lay out the honeycomb gradient, going from dark to light shades, and then sew on a typewriter to a fabric basis. To get more shades, turn some details on the wrong side.

Fruit Basket

You can increase the size to add everything you need to the basket. Weave the bottom, and then put the workpiece on some container, such as a bucket, and braid the walls vertically. You can add a wire frame for a more rigid form.