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The tricks that will grow the largest and most delicious strawberries faster than anyone

It is no secret that some people are waiting for summer because of the possibility of plenty to eat these delicious fragrant berries. To the joy of the most impatient there are several early varieties that begin to bear fruit much earlier than others. But in order to grow early berries tasty, you should follow four important rules.

Wake up old shoots

Remove the dry leaves from the bushes in advance and scatter ammonium nitrate on the bed with berry bushes. Try to provide access to the roots, for this process the beds rake or dig them. After feeding, thoroughly moisten the soil so that the compounds dissolve and begin to affect the root system of the plants. New leaves will appear very quickly, and therefore the harvest will have to wait not so long.

Warm the beds with berries

The best way to do this is to cover the ground with a dark film. This design can be used for many years in a row. It will not only keep the soil warm, but also prevent the emergence of unnecessary weeds. You will get a great harvest even without exhausting weeding!

Use covering material.

Early berries are forced to survive in conditions of temperature drops. If possible, cover them not only at the roots, but also on top. Perfectly suited lutrasil - a material that allows air, sunlight and does not crush the leaves. Open the bushes only for watering, can pollinate the bushes on their own.

Use of organic fertilizers

Do not forget to feed the bushes, and they will answer you with gratitude in the form of an excellent harvest! If you prefer natural farming - use natural products. Traditional humus contains a lot of nitrogen and is safe for humans.