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Stylish braids without problems: visual recommendations for long-haired beauties

You dog is still confident that it is impossible to braid a stylish braid without outside help? Believe me, it is not so! In fact, there is nothing difficult in weaving braids, especially if you strictly follow the instructions that allow you to master the weaving technique once and for all.

The secret of weaving beautiful braids

The basic rule of weaving is one: the braid must be tight. But the option of weaving, you can choose any: from the classic to the "spike" or the French pigtail.

As soon as the braid is braided, its end must be fixed. Then the fun begins: the spit must pass the “endurance test”. It is necessary to try to free the coils from the tight and tight braid, but in such a way as not to break the fixation. Do this by gently pulling the sides of the weave, relaxing coil after coil.

Now you just need to fluff each of the stretched loops and give them volume or, on the contrary, make the loops flat. Both that and another will help to make a hairdress relief and stylish.

Make sure that it is very easy to turn a regular braid into a stylish braid, the video will help: