For the House and Cottages

17 practical ideas for arranging a cozy country yard

The air was filled with the breathtaking smells of blooming bird-cherry and meadow grasses, and now very soon hot summer would come. It's time to rest and summer season! And this is a great opportunity for craftsmen to embark on a new creative project and turn their summer space into a cute and cozy corner.

We present you 17 inspiration ideas. In this case, you do not have to lay out a round sum to purchase materials!

1. Chairs made of sawn wood with semi-circular foam seats

2. Portable chair made of crate

3. Vertical garden instead of a blank gray wall

4. Cozy country sofa, folded from wooden pallets and pillows

5. Candlesticks in the form of amphorae from painted cans

6. Suspended flower bed from pallet

7. From the pallet you can build convenient and tidy containers for vegetables and herbs

8. Old metal containers for urban balconies look stylish as small flower beds at the cottage.

9. With a small ladder installed along the vertical beds, care for greens is very simple. Collecting a fragrant bunch of herbs for the dinner table will be even easier!

10. Table and loungers from pallet

11. Old painted tin barrels can be turned into stylish country furniture.

12. A colorful table with a stand of painted old tires.

13. From the pallets you can make a small flower garden in a cart,

14. ... and also this charming garden shop!

15. An ordinary log table can be covered with a new layer of paint and set containers for refreshing drinks in it.

16. Wicker baskets will perfectly serve as a hanging flower garden.

17. The original wooden pendant on the gate in the form of a bird