Stylish shopping bag made of unusual material

We consume a huge amount of plastic, and, unfortunately, not all of it is biodegradable. To reduce the negative impact on the environment, try recycling the plastic yourself, turning it into a convenient shopper bag.

First make a string. Take a regular plastic bag-shirt from the store. Rinse if necessary and dry. Roll in half twice. Cut the handles and bottom.

Roll the resulting canvas two more times and cut into 16 thin strips.

Thread a small crochet hook on both sides of the strip, holding the middle of the fingers.

Rotate the hook, twist the packet strip clockwise. It will turn into a thin cord.

Flip the strip upside down, still holding the middle with your fingers, and spin the other side in the same way.

Align the tips of the strips on the hook and start twisting them together in a counterclockwise direction.

To add a new strip, hook the end of it with a hook and thread it through the loop formed during winding.

Stretch the new strip to the middle and repeat the steps described above.

When adding new strips, keep creating the "yarn".

As soon as you have enough yarn, you can make a bag from it. At the same time, choose a pattern depending on your preferences or knitting skills. The bag has a rigid base and holds its shape perfectly.

Read the detailed instructions in the video below.