Dress in the Greek style, which can be sewn in an hour

Maxi dresses for many seasons do not go out of fashion. This length looks favorably on any shape and allows you to feel comfortable in hot weather. Fashionable items in ethnic style can be stitched in just an hour, if you follow a few simple guidelines.

You will need:

  • Thin knitwear (can be replaced with another flowing fabric);
  • scissors;
  • pins;
  • sewing machine

The dress will take a length of fabric equal to its length and a width of 150 cm. If evening attire, do not forget to add a few inches under the heel. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and stitch the edges to create a semblance of a pipe. Do not close the seam until the very end - leave 30 cm on the neckline. Use the needle for knitwear.

From behind make a cut about 17 centimeters deep. After that, align the two slits of the dress, front and back, to define the lines of the side folds. You can fix them with pins.

Start making cuts for the sleeves on the side folds. Their depth should be 25-30 centimeters. If you do not have stretching fabric, it is better to make them a little deeper.

Now the sleeve must be processed. Measure its exact length and cut a rectangle of appropriate size from the fabric. The width should be twice as much as necessary + seam allowances. Bend the fabric in half, sew on three sides and turn it out.

Pin the sleeves to the dress, and then sew. Cut a rectangle for the belt (two widths + allowances). Sew it from three sides, except for the narrow part, turn out and process the edge with a secret hand stitch.

The dress is ready! Such model will be suitable both for a holiday, and for every day.

V-neckline visually lengthens the neck.

It turned out very nice, and the work just an hour!