T-shirt with a silk scarf-design approach to updating wardrobe

Silk shawls and scarves are an integral part of the wardrobe of the true lady. Among them are those that can be used out of season. Lightweight, giving a feeling of cool handkerchief, matched to a T-shirt, you can just knit around the neck, and you can go much further and convert it all into a stylish and nontrivial thing.

The end result may be different, everything here depends solely on the presence in the wardrobe of the necessary things and the desire to get an exclusive new thing.

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Stylish master class

Here is a handkerchief and a T-shirt, perfectly matching each other.

The proposed patterns will help visualize the final result. Copy them completely is not necessary.

For a start, carefully trim the T-shirt in front. Cut off the part will be the basis for the pattern.

We cut the scarf in such a way that the tail can later be cut in front and tied with a knot.

It is easy to guess that if you want to remake a T-shirt it can be otherwise. Putting the main part of the scarf on the back, you can get a T-shirt with a "tail."

Depth of cut and finishing options may be different. So how much a t-shirt will be sewn on the sides is also an individual matter.

It was necessary to work on the alteration a lot, but the result is impressive.