Design and Architecture

Paradise at home or how to transform a glazed balcony

Even if the area of ​​your balcony is a few square meters, this is enough to show creativity and creativity. Glazed balcony can be turned into a place to relax and read your favorite books, work office, library and even a bedroom.

Dining area

If your kitchen does not differ in significant square meters, then you can arrange a dining area right on the balcony.

Work zone

You can make a comfortable working area on the balcony on any area - on the spacious loggia and on the small balcony - the main thing is to place a chair and a small table there. Ideal for those who earn on the Internet without leaving home.

A place for tea

A small coffee table and folding chairs or a small sofa will fit even on the smallest balcony. And now you can enjoy your morning coffee while reading your favorite book. You can decorate a place for tea drinking as you please - a rug tied with your own hands, a selection of pictures and, of course, flowers.

Whole greenhouse on the balcony

If you cannot imagine your life without flowers and nature, then why not make your own floral corner.

Cozy place to stay

After a hard hard day, sometimes you want to sit alone, hide from everyone, stop the flow of your thoughts and just relax. And if the balcony is well insulated, you can even make an entire bedroom from it and look at the falling stars before bedtime.