Designers have invented an invisible kitchen! Ideal for studio apartments

The furniture company Warendorf presented a revolutionary model of kitchen furniture. The so-called "secret" kitchen is designed specifically for open spaces of studio apartments. A single unit consisting of separate panels is designed in such a way that when folded it resembles the original decor for a wall. If you raise the middle part, you get access to the working area and all the necessary kitchen appliances.

To activate the lifting-folding mechanism all you need is to press the button. The facades of an unusual kitchen are made of not very familiar material. These are metal panels coated with decorative rust. The use of original textures plays into the hands of the secrecy of such a module - when folded, it does not at all resemble kitchen furniture.

Bottom drawers are extended, they can accommodate all the necessary utensils. The module is equipped with a refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher, sink and a convenient lighting system. Side doors open to plow. The kitchen is suitable for offices, studio apartments and living rooms, combined with the premises for cooking. The project has been awarded numerous design awards.