For a holiday

20 of the most unusual and creative Christmas trees

The traditional Christmas tree is a large coniferous tree, which is decorated with garlands and Christmas tree decorations. However, there are people who have decided to go off the classical path and turn the preparation for the holidays into a completely unusual and fascinating creative process. Today we want to share with you a selection of 20 of the most unusual and creative Christmas trees that you have never seen before!

Such a Christmas tree can be found in the supermarket

And such - in the Ural Mining University

Old tire, bucket and plastic pipe - why don't we make a Christmas tree?

Climbing tree

Employees of traffic police also tried

Christmas tree Bonsai

Creative people do not hold

Swimmers also celebrate New Year

Unusual snake skin garland

Programmers get out too

Great Christmas tree idea in the library

Everyone gets out how can

Maximum level of protection against cats

Army Christmas Tree


Not the kindest new year tree

Do you like vino?

Cod Herringbone at a Brazilian supermarket